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Selected Harvard Startups (2005-2012)

Company Year Founded Harvard Inventor(s) Harvard Technology Company Location Lead Investors
Eos Photonics
2012 Frederico Capasso Quantum Cascade Lasers Cambridge, MA
2012 Christoph Reinhart Intuitive, cutting-edge environmental analysis tools to empower design Cambridge, MA
SomahLution, Inc.
2011 Hemant Thatte blood replacement solution/organ preservation Fargo, ND
Stereojet, Inc.
2011 Julius Scarpetti Leading technology for stereo images Cambridge, MA
Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
2010 Stuart Schreiber Next generation, selective, small-molecule Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors Boston, MA
Activate Networks
2010 Nicholas Christakis Proprietary software for network mapping of disparate data sources Newton, MA
Constellation Pharmaceuticals
2009 Yang Shi Novel therapeutics in the emerging field of Epigenetics Cambridge, MA
2009 B. Price Kerfoot New on-line education technology designed for social, mobile world to improve learning retention Burlington, MA Private investment
ConstructSecure, Inc.
2009 Garrett Burke, Ming Chow Cost effective and efficient method to pre-qualify contractors and sub-contractors for safety performance Marlborough, MA Private investment
2009 George Whitesides Paper-based microfluidic chip the size of a fingernail Cambridge, MA
2008 Dale Larson Robotic system that increases the efficiency of frozen sample-handling operations Quincy, MA Allied Minds
Trophos Energy, Inc.
2008 Peter Girguis Novel microbial fuel cell technology Somerville, MA Forge Partners
Crimson Hexagon, Inc.
2008 Gary King Sentiment analysis of unstructured text Cambridge, MA Golden Seeds
Genocea Biosciences
2008 Darren Higgins High-throughput genomic screening for antigen discovery Cambridge, MA Morningside Group
Auguron Biosciences, Inc.
2008 Joshua LaBaer NAPPA array technology
Ruika Therapeutics
2008 Joseph Schildkraut More rapid clinical antidepressant effects with norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor or other antidepressant drugs Baltimore, MD
Eutropics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
2008 Junying Yuan Development of the small molecule inhibitors of the Bcl-XL/Bak interaction Dorchester, MA
InvitroStain, Inc.
2008 Robert Westervelt Methods and apparatus for near field irradiation Wilmington, DE
Hearing Armor, LLC
2008 Rick A. Rogers Protection of hearing from sudden increases in sound energy Needham, MA Angel Investors
SiEnergy Systems
2008 Shriram Ramanathan Micro-scale solid oxide fuel cells Quincy, MA Allied Minds
Noank Media, Inc.
2007 William Fisher III Methods, media and systems for tracking content usage over a network Cambridge, MA
Aileron Therapeutics
2007 Gregory Verdine Harvard licensed its core platform technology for turning peptides into drugs Cambridge, MA Apple Tree Partners, Novartis Bioventure Fund
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals
2007 Andrew Myers A technology for the total synthesis of tetracyclines by enabling their synthesis from simple building blocks Watertown, MA Mediphase Venture Partners, Fidelity Biosciences, Skyline Ventures, Flagship Ventures
Matrivax Research & Development Corp.
2007 John Mekalanos Development of a novel vaccine production method and process Boston, MA Morningside Group
Incytu, Inc.
2007 David J. Mooney The cellarium(TM) technology enables reprogramming and targeting of cells to treat diseases in-vivo Lincoln, RI Private Investment
Claros Diagnostics
2006 George Whitesides A portable microfluidic diagnostic device Woburn, MA Oxford Bioscience Partners
Raindance Technologies
2006 David Weitz Novel microfluidic techniques for droplet manipulation for high throughput screening Guilford, CT Private investment
2006 Eric Mazur A new type of material that absorbs light very efficiently and can be used in a variety of applications Cambridge, MA Harris & Harris Group (NY)
Syndexa Pharmaceuticals
2006 Gokhan Hotamisligil Portfolio of drug targets, assays and lead compounds for the treatment of metabolic diseases Cambridge, MA Private investment
IDEA International, Inc.
2006 Bruce Donoff Innovative education and training method using a three-dimensional, haptic-enabled dental simulator Las Vegas, NV
Codon Devices, Inc.
2005 George Church The technology enables the accurate and inexpensive assembly of long DNA molecules useful in cell engineering and whole genome sequencing applications Cambridge, MA Flagship Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Alloy Ventures, Khosla Ventures
Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
2005 David Sinclair Drug discovery platform and lead compounds around sirtuins for the treatments of age related disorders Cambridge, MA Polaris Venture Partners, Skyline Ventures
2005 George Whitesides Key technologies in soft litography, self-assembly, surface chemistry, and fluidics and their application to new manufacturing techniques Cambridge, MA Private investment
Nanotrope, Inc.
2005 Howard Stone Nanoscale droplet technology providing high-precision, digital control of biochemical processes San Diego, CA