The Harvard University Office of Technology Development (OTD) provides a one-stop shop to advance the development of groundbreaking discoveries by fostering strategic collaborations with industry through licensing, sponsored research and new venture agreements.


Turning today's discoveries into tomorrow's transformational technologies.

By serving as a catalyst bridging the laboratory to industry, OTD ensures that promising new technologies are developed into products and services that benefit society and transform the world.


Leading the way in discovery and application.

Harvard is a recognized world leader in discovery and innovation. Leadership means the determination to see that new technologies developed at Harvard reach their full potential and push the boundaries of the new scientific and industrial frontier.


At OTD, experience is a competitive advantage.

OTD's high performance team provides a solid foundation in science, business development, intellectual property and contract law that enables it to design creative "win-win" solutions that translate into enduring, fruitful relationships. When industry turns to OTD, it will find an agile, fast-paced group of professionals fully equipped to find creative solutions and make the deal-making process as efficient and effective as possible.


The power of collaborative partnering.

Partnership is a vital pillar, a linchpin of OTD's business model. We have the focus, commitment and expertise to forge creative and productive partnerships. OTD is dedicated to fostering win/win relationships between faculty and industry, investors and entrepreneurs, relationships that will provide mutual and long-lasting benefit.

Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator

Propelling promising Harvard life science innovations to partnership

To positively impact society, biomedical technology breakthroughs must first make the leap from the research lab to the commercial sphere. The Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator at Harvard University is uniquely structured to bridge that gap, helping propel groundbreaking innovations toward next-generation products.

Harvard is a leader in Global Access. For more information, click here.

BBAThe Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator at Harvard University:
Propelling promising life science research; Driving innovation and entrepreneurship; Accelerating commercial and societal impact

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Funding Opportunities:
We encourage investigators from across Harvard’s research community to take advantage of opportunities that we hope will give rise to fertile new research collaborations.

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Research Collaborations:
OTD provides the focus, experience and expertise necessary to produce strong research collaborations with industry.

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Harvard Technologies in Commercial Development:
-Life Science Technologies
-Physical Science Technologies

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